The Unknown Club© is a contemporary streetwear brand adapted from the streetwear and sneaker resale brand 'Unknown Nature' formed in late 2017.

To be UNKNOWN is to be different...


We believe in embracing who we are. Don't force yourself to fit in if it doesn't feel natural, being yourself will always work in your favour in the long run. We also believe in staying positive and treating others with your heart in mind. To wear one of our pieces is to share our ethos. We work hard to create original designs and present these concepts on high quality fabrics, but we keep our product and shipping prices affordable so that anyone who aligns with us can become a part of the club; we want everyone to feel welcome here!

Our RESALE shop.

Our resale shop holds popular and limited streetwear items typically at a lower competitive cost than you will find on StockX.

Please ensure you're following our instagram, we use instagram exclusively to promote all new items we have available on our shop. If you have any questions you can send us a direct message and expect a response within 12 hours. Other methods of contact can be found on our contact page.

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Unknown Nature was established and is currently based in England, UK. For our terms of use please click here.