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Much like the U.S., the land of Canada belonged to indigenous people for centuries before European settlers arrived. With settling comes a force of values and economic power that a minority population simply cannot withstand over time, and thus a cycle of social, physical, and cultural destruction had begun. European governance took over, populations were wiped out and homelands were stolen; this may sound like history, although the trauma isn't the only thing still occurring today... In recent years, Prime Minister Trudeau authorised the development of an oil pipeline to be built on native, and sacred, lands, continuing this cycle of dispossession and cultural genocide. Other than this, unemployment among indigenous people exceeds up to 80% in some communities, one in four aboriginal children live in poverty, aboriginal graduation rate in youths are half that of all other Canadians; the list goes on. Below are some links to read further into this ongoing crisis, and how you can help.


A 'conflict' suggests two equal sides in disagreement. Palestine vs. Israel is not a conflict. It is a highly-funded powerful military, unsurprisingly supported by the West, violating the human rights of the defenceless, weaponless, displaced people of Palestine who just want to keep their homes, and their loved ones safe. A small paragraph can't say enough so please visit this page ( to read more on the history of the situation, the current situation and how to help.

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If you aren't aware, there is a humanity crisis occurring in Xinjiang, China. Turkic Muslim groups make up a vast number of the province's population and up to a million of them have been baselessly imprisoned in concentration camps, which they are calling 'political education camps'. These are said to helm an aim of 're-education', however it's much more like repressing the religion of Islam and making an attempt to wash away their cultural identity in the nation. They are masking these crimes against humanity by claiming the drastic steps taken were all made to 'eradicate threats of terrorism' when really their hostility toward the Turkic Muslims is based on how they feel their culture and religion is translated as disloyalty to the CPC...

Please share this information with people. Donate and read more about the situation here:


Mental health services across the world have come under immense pressure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These services were already chronically underfunded before the virus took over the world, now the demand for said services is pushing budgets to breaking point. They need all the help they can get so if you're able to, please make a donation here:  or if you purchase anything from our 'NEVER STOP' collection, 40% of those proceeds will be donated.


Black Lives Matter goes a lot further than the disgraceful police brutality we see every day, that's very surface level. Black Lives Matter stands to make light of the deep rooted systemic racism that is prevalent across society and within the institutions that affect our every day life; such as wealth gap, employment, housing discrimination, incarceration, the criminal justice system, government surveillance, drug arrests, immigration arrests, infant mortality, lack of healthcare etc. From the 'Strong Black Woman' trope in films resulting in doctors and nurses in the real world under-treating Black women and denying medication to them, to Black homeowners having their home appraised using white people and seeing a significant increase compared to the appraisal sought by themselves, to police murdering unarmed Black kids, teens and adults and seeing no consequences whatsoever despite acting entirely unlawfully; the list for this is endless. Becoming educated and speaking up when you hear or witness a case of racial inequality is how you can support this cause on a personal, every day level, and if you're able to financially support you can donate to either of the organisations below as investment in Black communities is ultimately how we will see real, long-lasting change.

Race Forward

Black Thrive

Black Minds Matter UK